Image by Rachel Joy Baransi


About ME

My heart beats for my family above everything else; my passion for photography is rooted in that love. I come alive behind the lens and in front of people who are willing to show up with their whole hearts and their love for each other as a family. The more you are willing to hug, poke, touch, or hold hands with each other, the better I can capture your family. I believe every family is a work of art, and I cherish the opportunity to find the magic that your family makes, individually and together. I’m a momma of five kids. I married my best friend who excels at a thing called patience, a character trait I’m trying to embody more often. I love creating and continuing family traditions. I cherish moments of silence and stillness, and I’m learning that finding them takes intentionality with a family of seven. I’d love to get to know you — I bet we’ll have some fun!


Contact me:
call or text: 614.668.6116