How do I hire you?

Once you contact me, we can sometimes have a session scheduled within a week or if you are more of a planner, we can make sure to get the date and time you want secured on my calendar in advance.  We have a phone conversation about your expectations and any special requests you may have for me.  I make sure to get details such as where you want I send you a contract with our date, time, location clearly listed.  Once I receive your signed contract and the $150 deposit, I put your session on my calendar.


Where/when do you take pictures?

I take pictures outdoors at the location of your choice when the light is ideal (early morning right after the sun rises or evening a little before the sun is setting).  Every once in a while I take indoor pictures … only if there is really good natural light I can use.


What should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel most alive!  If jeans and tees are your thing, wear that.  If ordering coordinating funky outfits from boden are your style, do it.  You want pictures that reflect who you really are.  I notice that pictures turn out better when families don’t match perfectly but coordinate outfits.  Bright colors that complement each other work very nicely. You can do that with your clothes and your accessories too.  Please stay away from matching perfectly (i.e. all white shirts and khacki pants or jeans) especially navy, black, white, and red.


What can I expect from the session?

I will meet you at the location you choose at the time and date we agree on for a relaxed (and playful) photography session.  I like to be in charge of our time together.  I don’t want you to tell your kids to look at the camera or say cheese.  Sometimes I even need to take little ones away for a little bit to get some great portraits.  I’ll let you know if I need your help.  The whole session takes about an hour.  We talk and laugh and run together.  I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it!


What should we bring to the session?

Props are fun if you want them in the pictures.  Snacks, sippy cups, or bottles for little ones.  Your whole heart full of joy and laughter and what makes your family beautiful!


How much does it cost and what’s included in my session?

I always believed in a one price approach, but people's needs are so different that it really depends on what you want.  I charge between $125 (basic headshot sessions) to $450 depending on locations and outfit changes.  You get 20-30 of the best, edited high resolution images delivered on in an online gallery.  You can download your high resolution images quickly from there.  You get print release on those images so that means you can use them in your annual family calendar, to have printed on canvas to hang on your wall, post them on Facebook, use them on your Christmas card or other announcement.  Pretty much you can do anything you want with them except call them your own or enter them into a contest without my permission because the copyright on them is still mine.


How do I pay for my session?

I accept cash, check, or apple pay.


I saw you take a lot more than 20-30 pictures, what do you do with the ones that you don’t deliver to us?

Nothing.  I go through and choose the very best, the ones with real expressions, all eyes open, sharp focus, great lighting, and all that other fun stuff.  I’m giving you the very best I have.  I would never keep a great image from you.  I want to make your heart flutter with joy and gratitude when you see the images!


How long will it take to get our images?

I deliver your images within two weeks of our session.


What if it rains or someone is sick or we need to reschedule because of a conflict?

Contact me as soon as you can, and we’ll reschedule when it works for both of us.  Life happens, I get it.  I’m the Momma of five kids.  There’s even a small chance I would need to reschedule although I really try not to let that happen.


What if I have other questions than the ones you listed?

Call me at 614.668.6116 or email me at and ask away!